50 Beautiful I Love You messages for Him and Her

Cute I Love You Messages for him and her Special: Two lovers were found in the valley of love, where no one was once living but them. They were so much in love with each other that they can’t breathe without being close to one another. Jack was singing a love song for Janet under a tree of love full of golden flowers. The land of this mysterious garden was evergreen possessing lots of pearls, jewels, diamonds, cowries, and the most beautiful things of life. “My love, I adore everything about you,” said Jack to Janet. Janet was so happy that she smiled but was lost in shyness… Enjoy these ones: 80 Precious Good Evening Quotes for Girlfriend, I love you Quotes for My Husband.

We have wonderful naturally composed love messages for you and your lover. If you find yourself here, consider your step into a faculty of romantic knowledge.

These are 50 simple but mind-captivating messages for your loved ones:

I love you dearly the love of life, the epitome of joy that makes me smile. I see nothing else in you but light of love sparkling into my innocent eyes. I want you to understand one thing, that there is no other human feeling that can please me like the one I have for you.
You are my angel, my rainbow the one that makes me smile. You have touched my life in a unique way that no mortal can explain. I am yours forever just as you have become mine until the end of time.

Loving you is an ultimate sacrifice, a sacrifice that I have mandated upon myself. I can’t be silent until I profess that you are the hero chosen for me. No one can replace you in my heart, the doors of our love have for long been locked for us alone.

The angel of my life, the one I cherish so much. Every number may count till infinity but the love I have for you has a virtue more complicated than infinity.

In the city of love, where no one exists but you and I. A city of treasure and every good thing of life made for you and me alone. I am so lucky to have found you because I can boast of a man who cherishes me, love me, protect me, and give me all I expected. What a wonderful angel you have become.

I am not afraid to live anymore. The reason is that I found you and you gave me hope to live. Before I met you, I have lost every hope in life but when you came into my life, you restore every fault and replaced every sorrow with joy. I love you, my dear angel.

Whenever I look into your eyes, I see paradise- I see the temple of love where a King and his Queen live with passion and cute affections. I am willing to be everywhere with you. Make me your breath, your smile, your joy dream, and your everything my love.

I must tell you that I love you so much that I can’t risk a second to miss you but if I eventually miss you then it is a lesson that teaches how much a person should value his love. Baby, I am pleased to live with you forever.

Where else can I find a unique gem like you in this world? Thank God you came into my life to give me a good reason to be happy. The star that shines on my mind makes it clear to me that love is an ultimate bond. A paradise that I live in, a house of glass that I adore, a Queen that puts a smile on my face.

The other day you asked me “Why are you smiling?” I was silent and never replied to you. Today my angel, I want to inform you that you are the reason why I was smiling. You took me to a wonderful world where I found nothing else but love, beauty, joy, smile, laughter, love stories, and above all peace of mind.

Very Cute Love Messages For Her to Happy

My dear angel, the lady after my heart the one that makes me happy. The rivers may flow, the breeze may blow, the sun may shine, the moon may reflect, and the stars may appear but nothing can change my love for you. I love you from the innermost part of my heart. The kind of love I have for you baffles me.

Glory be to the One who has given you to me, the mother of kids, the main matter of my life today. There is no other feeling that makes my day more lovely than the one I have whenever I succeeded in making you happy. I have become a manager in the company of love just to make you feel how special you are all ready.

I have searched every search engine, and I have made every possible research just to find a word that can suit the kind of love you have for me but all in vain. I don’t think the most intelligent living being can calculate the level of your love for me. You are such a wonderful woman and I appreciate every second of my life spent with you.

My jewel, the joy of my life. All I am praying for is that the Lord should bless you and ease all your affairs. The angel that guides my feelings makes me special, the rain of love that pours on my body reviving the joy in me. I love you so much.

You have always been a wonderful woman ever since I met you. The kindness of your heart is a blessed rain, the mildness of your tongue is sweeter than honey juice, and the soft smile that gushes out like water from your face is shinier than the sun. I will continue to love you until the end of time.

I have learned that time has a bond. I have learned that everything has a beginning and end but I have never heard that love can perish. Love only dyes and revive the trace and can never be erased. Dear angel, the footprint of your love will remain forever in my heart.

With the light of your love in my heart, every worry becomes zero. I am now in a state of excitement where I see no one again but you. You have become the food I eat, the milk I take, the home I live in, and the mirror I watch. I love you, dearest.

The mother of my kids, the uncommon lady ever hard to replace. I love you so much. I cherish you with a smile all over my face. The tears that roll down my chicks are not for sorrow but a tear of joy that I found you, my love.

No woman is as special as you are to me, my angel. You may not know how much you mean to me but be rest assured that you are an egg worthy of being protected with my last breath. I love you and want you to believe me whenever I say so. You have no reason to be afraid, for all you need will be provided.

What do I do to prove more to you that I love you, admire your smile, cherish you, and am willing to spend the rest of my life with you? You have become part of me I will never like to be hurt. You have become my eyes, therefore you deserve to be loved and protected.

Sweet I Love You Messages For Him

My dear husband, hope you can notice the drops of tears that emanate from my eyes. They are not just dear but because I keep on wondering about the kind of angel you have become. I will never be pleased until the tears of joy become a river of love where you and I alone swim. I am satisfied being your wife. I love you so much.
Every day of my life comes with happiness and a smiling face because I have found a man that cares for me, a man who respects me, and showers me with the attention I always need. when I met you, I knew I have the best man ever. Just want to say I love you.

When love puts a smile on your face, it is a great sign that it is true. I have found you the king of my heart. History cannot explain the mysterious love I have developed for you alone. Continue to live in my heart for I love the way I feel having you in my thought.

You have become my thoughts, my dear angel. The superhero of my life, the father of our kids. What a wonderful husband and father you have become.

Lots of rain has fallen which the earth has taken but I am happy that you are still with me. Every moment spends with you fills my heart with joy. I must confess that I am completely in love with you. I love you, my Superman.

I love you, my hero, yes I do with all sincerity. I want you to know that I adore you beyond what you can imagine. You mean a special world to be a world filled with trees of passion bringing out the fruits of love.

This life has become so cool having you around me. I can feel the heat of the sun no more- all I feel and see is you. Your thoughts have taken over my heart, darling you have become the tears that pour out of my eyes. You have become my heart-robber.

You have stolen my heart away, all because you shower me with endless love, you give me hope to want to live longer. Dear love, your kindness has no bound to me. What a unique gem are you that you are not tired of loving your wife! Though I love it so.

Your love has become my guide to the garden of passion, a place where no ordinary heart can go, a city where only true lovers are found. I love you, my man, the epitome of a good home.

The sky is blue because you showed me how much you love me. The morning sun shines because I am happy being with you, the fishes in the river are happy because you are my husband. As long as time exists, I will always be yours forever.

I Love You Messages For Your Love

My dear love, hope all is fine with you. You know I always have a reason to say I love you? Just want to show you how much you mean to me. You are dearer to me than every other woman of your kind. Do have a wonderful time until I am back.

With you in my mind, every past sorrow has vanished. Let me say you are my dream come true, the key to the joy in my heart. Don’t you know you have unlocked the giant in my mind, now I have come to realize how great my potential is.

Since the day you came into my life, I realize how much it means to be strong and be one’s self. Your presence in my life has changed every bad news into a good one. I love you with all my heart.

When I was weak, you stood by my side to wipe away my tears. In the time of sorrow,  you shared every moment with me. In the time of rain, you have beaten along, in the time of sun you never leave my side so I love you, my hero.

Love means more than five letter words. Love can mean everything about this life shared with you. Love can mean everything about the origin I have in common with you. Love can mean everything about virtue we have in similarity. Love can mean everything about the encouragement we gave to each other. If you check the four letters of love, you will realize that truly they mean all of the above. I love you.

You are the Queen of my life, the woman I love to be with. The jewel whom I adore with pride, I am yet to find a treasure as cute as you are. The smile you give to me brightens up my day. Now I have no reason to take my morning coffee because you have filled that gap with your beautiful voice.

You may not know the degree of my love for you but I want you to know that like a dove you have become the peace of my heart, like a pigeon you have become the most romantic lady ever seen, like a zebra you have become the most beautiful woman. I love you.

Sweetheart, you are not bad at all. You are as beautiful as a gazelle, cute as a golden treasure. The light that comes from your eyes, is capable of transforming a man into love itself. The smile that you give, is so powerful that rocks are willing to leave so they can smile back at you. I love you.

I have no reason to stop loving you until the end of time. When I am sad, you motivate me. When I am crying, you put a smile on my face. When all my wings are broken and crushed, you sacrificed yours for me. Please my love, is there any reason to stop loving a King like you?

At last, I have found the woman of my heart desires. A Queen not from China, not from London, not from anywhere but my innocent mind.  A princess that is pleasing to the eyes, loving to the heart and crowned only for me. I just want to say I love you.

Romantic And Flattering I Love You Messages For Her

The hairs on your head are worth more than a million dollars, the smiles on your face are priceless, your cute face of yours is as beautiful as that of Beyonce, and the steps of your legs are as sweet as honey juice. I love you.

Look at you my dear baby girl, how beautiful your eyes are that I feel like dancing in the street. You are so cute that I can no longer control myself. You are the most beautiful Princess I have seen ever.

Like a diamond, your teeth are so shining like never before, like snow your smile is so beautiful and heart pleasing, like a little bird my heart sings whenever I see you. I love you, angel.

I saw an angel coming from afar, smiling at me with her beautiful face. Her gown is made of silk and she a charming sparkling blouse. When she moved closer to me, behold she became you. I love you, my angel.

Believe me, I have not seen a woman as beautiful as you are before, a woman with a powerful smile as though a diamond palace, o my God how wonderful you are then you created my baby with special attention. I love you, sweetheart.

Your footsteps can cure cancer, wao! Your smile can win a game of one hour in a minute, your presence can be worth a billion dollars. I love you.

Perhaps you don’t know how beautiful a Princess you have become. seriously speaking baby you are so beautiful that no one can stop gazing at you. Let me whisper something to your ears- I almost hit my head on a wall the first time I saw you. Please tell no one lolz…

Don’t blame me when I said I can’t live without you. Maybe you are yet to realize that you are an epitome of beauty, a full moonlight flashing on my face, sunshine bringing comfort to my heart. You are an angel worthy of being loved. I love you, baby.

Your smile is a joy on its own as it not only pleases my heart but also makes my day. I am sure that I’m ready to be a road for trucks to move on…lolz.

What a beautiful smile from a cute angel, a few moments ago! Can please tell me the secret behind your powerful smile, so I may win the world’s best footballer of the year? A SMILE learned from you can make Ronaldo consider me.

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