Apology Quotes for Wife After a Mistake

Apology Quotes for wife. Have you offended your wife in any way and you are thinking of the right word to use to calm her down? Try our text messages and you will find the solution to your problem.

Apology Quotes for Shouting at Her

Apology quotes for wife

• No matter what the argument could have been, I shouldn’t have shouted at you. I am sorry.

• It is inhuman that I raised my voice at you, please don’t be offended, I will control myself next time.

• Please forgive me, I am sorry for the way I talked to you some minutes ago. I love you.

• I just want you to pardon my mistake and forgive me for the way I treated you.

• You are so nice to me and as such, you don’t deserve the way I raised my voice on you. I am sorry.

• If I can’t see you smile today, I will not be able to sleep. Please, forgive me for the mistake.

• I have been sad since the day we had this fight. I want you to forgive my silly mistake.

• Without you tears will not dry on my eyes. It is part of humans to err and godly to forgive. Please, don’t be offended.

• You are precious, you deserve gentle treatment and a lovely peck on your forehead. I am sorry for raising my voice for you.

• It is my luck that I have you in my life. It is my responsibility to always make you happy all the time. I love you so much.

• You gave me your heart so that I will be happy. I have to pay you back with a better heart. I am sorry for my utterances.

Apology Quotes for not fulfilling a promise

• I didn’t plan to disappoint you. I was not chanced to branch your mom’s house, please pardon me.

• Next time, I will try all my best not to fail you. I know you are not happy with me, but forgive me, please.

• You are my dear love, the true love I have been searching for since the day I became wise. You need to understand that sometimes, disappointment comes naturally.

• You are the best person in my life and your love has always been a reason why I am happy all the time. I miss you so much.

• You are the part of me that will not shrink away forever. Don’t be offended for my disappointing you. I will get you the product next time.

• I forgot the item, I didn’t forget you. I bought the item but the thought of meeting you again overwhelmed my senses.

• You know I love you sincerely, I cherish you more than you can ever imagine. I will never disappoint you intentionally.

• I beg of you please forgive me. I will try not to make you sad next time. I tried to fulfill this promise but it skipped my mind at last.

• The thought of loving you can also make me forget every other thing. I am sorry dear.

• You will have to forgive me. Please, don’t be offended. From now on, I try not to disappoint you again.

Apology Quotes Mixed With Love Quotes

• As my superstar and the Saturn of my earth, I will always admire you. I want you to forgive me and understand that I will never leave you for anyone.

• You are the pearl of my heart, being in love with you drives me crazy because you are too beautiful and your character is standard. I am sorry for what happened.

• You gave me love when I was without it. I have been crying for not having someone I can call mine. You deserve love not pain at all. I am sorry dear.

• Your smile is so powerful that it mesmerizes my brain whenever I set my eyes on you. I love you from the deepest point in my heart. I am sorry, please.

• When you find the woman of your dream, you stop dreaming and face reality. She mustn’t suffer, that’s just your plan. I love you, please, I am sorry.

• I am sorry for not kissing you before I left, I am sorry for making you feel lonely at home. I am sorry for everything.

• Put the blames on me, I understand that I am at fault for everything that happened in your life since the day we met. I am sorry, just put the blame on me.

• I will take responsibility for every pain I have caused you. You are my gorgeous husband and the feeling of having you in my life makes me happy. I am sorry dear.

• God knows I love you. Please forgive me, make me happy, and never forget that you are my queen. I love you princess.

• Dear princess, your love makes me smile. Your love is the kind of joy that cannot be easily erased in my heart. Please, forgive me.

Apology Letter for Insulting Your Husband

• Little did I know that you will be offended. I was not thinking straight as a woman, please, forgive me. I love you.

• I want you to overlook every word I uttered. I am human and possibly, I will utter bad words sometimes. I am sorry.

• Word is like a sword, it pears with force. I have offended you, I know but I want you to please, forgive me for the offense.

• It is not in my attitude to offending people by insulting them. I just want you to forgive me for the pain I might have caused you.

• I love you so much and you are the nicest person in this world for me. I love you and hope you will be there for me for the rest of my life. I am sorry for the way I talked to you.

• You need to forgive me so that my heart will be at rest. I am happy to spend my life with you, and this is more reason why it baffles me that I made you sad with my words.

• I am sorry for the way I talked to you. I am sorry for the pain I might have caused you with my words. Please, pardon me.

• You are the best person in my life. insulting you makes me mad since the day it happened. I only need you to accept my apology. I am sorry.

• It is normal for a wife and a husband to have a fight but it is not moral for the both to hurt each other with insult. I am sorry.

• It is not part of me to insult males let alone my husband the crown on my head. It was done out of anger and frustration. I am sorry.

Apology Quotes for Wife to Calm Down

• I know it is not easy to forget a deep pain caused by humans but you can do it. please forgive those that offended you.

• One of the signs of maturity that is rare but godly is to forgive those that offended you and pray for them to change.

• Human will always disappoint you, people will always act weird but to be strong is to overlook them.

• You are the best friend in this world for me. I will always be beside you and will always advise that you forgive your offenders.

• You don’t know how much I am in deep love with you and that’s why you may not be able to comprehend the way I love you. I want you to forgive yourself and move on with me.

• The past has gone, this is your presence. I am sorry for everything I should have done but failed. Thank God you have your life back.

• I didn’t know that God has been protecting me for the best woman in life. I am sorry for making you sad.

• A woman that is of great love like you is not in this world save you. I am lucky to have come across you in life.

• You are beautiful and I want to shower you with a royal kind of love. You are my queen so forgive me.

• Happiness is not easy to find, you must pay for it. when I met you, I didn’t notice that I have to struggle to get a beautiful and high-value woman like you. This shows how humble you are. I wish you all the best.

• You have been so nice to me and I will continue to love you until the end of time. I am sorry for not coming over last night. I was busy at night shift.

• If you know how much you mean to me, you will be the gladdest person on earth because I have given a big part of my heart to you. I am sorry dear.

• We will always offend each other but the most important thing is that we should learn how to forgive each other. I am sorry dearest.

I Am Sorry Quotes for Wife

• If I have offended you in any way, I am deeply sorry, please forgive my mistake and don’t be sad again.

• I was in serious pain a reason for not making it to your side. I want you to forgive me for this disappointment.

• Your love has been a changer in my life. I am happy because I found you and every little thing will not make me smile if you are not in my life. I am sorry for the way I treated you.

• I wish I can find a second chance to prove to you how much you mean to me. I wish I can erase the past memory with my new way of life.

• I promise never to let you down again. I will always be there for you all the days of my life and nothing will change that. I love you so much.

• You are my darling, my joy, and the only angel whose heart beats in mine. I am glad that you are the planetary in my life.

• Your glitters are sincere because you are a pure light that is not stained with lies. I am sorry for not coming early.

• There is no one that can replace you in my heart because you have these unique eyes that make me happy and other women don’t have them.

• She is the kind of woman I have been searching for. I noticed how much I am lucky since the day I met her. Baby, you are the one I am referring to please, I am sorry for what happened.

• Some few minutes ago, we were happy together, we were joking and suddenly we had a fight. This is mysterious, I am sorry, please.

• I didn’t know that you have been going through these pains and yet you decided to endure them. I am sorry for not being observing.

• Loving you is more important than the fight we had. I can’t do without you in my life. I am sorry if I hurt you.

• Although, you are not showing any sign of anger deep inside of me, I know I have offended you so much. I am sorry dear.

I Am Sorry for Everything Quotes

• How I wish I can make you smile again but it seems today may end with a frowned face. Well, I still have to apologize for being the cause. I am sorry my love.

• I so much respect and value you. If I have offended you in any way, please, don’t be angry at me. I love you.

• The kind of smile that emanates from your eyes cannot be taken for granted. This is the more reason why I cannot lose you for someone else. I am sorry.

• You were happy some hours ago. If I knew I will be the cause of your sadness, I will never let you down. I am sorry dear.

• It burns my heart to realize that I am the reason why you are shedding tears. Please, forgive me and don’t be offended.

• I want to make you happy all the time and my heart will always be with you every minute. Thanks for everything. I love you to the end.

• Five, six, seven, and eight, my heart skipped the rest of the number when I taught about you. Please come back to me and let us spend the night together. I am sorry.

• Is it because of what happened the other time? okay, I am sorry, I know you got angry, please don’t be offended.

• You are nice and being a part of you makes me smile all the time, I will continue to love you forever. I love you.

• I will always be yours for the rest of my life. Your love will never end in my heart no matter the fight. I love you, my dear.

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