Best Apology Letter to Your Girlfriend

Apology letter to your girlfriend. Wow, you have offended your girlfriend. She is hurt and you don’t want to lose her to any guy. This is normal. You are not alone but finding the right word to apologize to her may be difficult sometimes. This is why we have taken our time to gather the right words you can use to send apology letters to your girlfriend.

Apology letter to your girlfriend
Apology Letter for Hurting Your Girlfriend

Dear Lola,

I am writing this letter in order to apologize for what happened yesterday. I know I have offended you but to err is a man and to forgive is human.

Firstly, I want to apologize for cutting up the phone on your ear. I understand that the action is rude and it doesn’t regard you as a woman. Please find a way in your heart to forgive me for that. I should have controlled my anger; probably the other issues that came up may have not become a scene. I also want to apologize for the way I talked to you on the phone. I realized that it was a wrong decision. Please, don’t get mad at me, I am really sorry for that.

Secondly, I want to apologize for the matter that brought up the misunderstanding. I am not dating your friend. I swear to God, you might have got it wrong. I have always loved you and nothing will change that. I couldn’t imagine that you were unable to trust me despite the way I live with you. I have always been a sincere guy to you and you have confirmed this several times. However, it baffled me that you couldn’t agree that I was not telling lies.

Furthermore, I will like to express my feelings for you. You are the only girl on my mind and I will always prefer you more than every other girl in this world. You are a diamond that shouldn’t be replaced with a rag. I have compared your character with other girls, and none of them worth your little finger. I am sorry if I hurt you.

Lastly, a fight will come once in a while. We will do some sort of weird things to express our anger, but in as much as we didn’t cause any damage during this expression, it is an ideal attitude for us to apologize to each other, and this is the very reason why I said I am sorry.

Yours faithfully.

Dear Lily,

Just like your name sounds, I am glad that you are part of my life. I am writing this letter in order to extend my apology sincerely to you. I want you to forgive me no matter how hard you feel it could be.
I know I really hurt you. The argument shouldn’t have warrant how I spoke to you. This action hunts me, and I am regretting why I have to hurt you with my words this much. Baby, you don’t deserve this. You deserve respect, caring, and honor from me. Please, forgive me as quickly as possible. I can’t imagine that you are not happy since the day this incident happened.

Sleepless night has captured me and now, it seems I am in trouble. I don’t want to lose you for another guy. The deep love I have for you is making me feel bad about my existence since the day I hurt you with my own tongue. I asked myself, where is the love if I can act this badly towards the woman I claim to love.

Don’t allow this action to make you think I don’t love you. I only blame myself for not controlling my anger. I will not repeat this again, this is a promise and God shall bear me witness because I am going to take this matter very seriously. I will work on myself, pray and also respect you always.

I love you. I can go to the moon for you. I can explore the ocean to make you smile. I can climb the highest mountain to keep you warm. You are the only girl after my heart and no one can come between us. Your bright face makes me happy whenever I look into your eyes. You are the best friend and girlfriend whose footprint has ever been recorded on earth. I so much love you.

I have hurt your feelings. I can’t deny it but please, forgive me, accept me, understand that it was a lack of self-control. Please, remember that I truly love you and I have promised and vowed that it won’t repeat itself again.

Yours Faithfully.

Dear Precious,

I am writing this letter to tell you how much you mean to me and to apologize for not attending your birthday party. I hope you will understand and find a place in your heart to forgive me.
I was busy with my boss the night before your birthday. My boss refused us to go home the night before your birthday, and we couldn’t access our phone in order for me to call and explain things to you. I tried all my best to reach out to you. I was frustrated and cried that I may miss your birthday. My colleagues were aware of how worried I looked during that night shift. You can confirm from any of them.

When we were done with the work the next day, I was happy that at least, I will be able to attend your birthday party. It wasn’t more than a few minutes we had an emergency meeting that led us to another work in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the start time is exactly the same as your birthday party. I decided to pick up my call to break the news that I will not be able to attend the party. However, I couldn’t find my phone. I searched everywhere but the phone was nowhere to be found. I asked my colleagues, none of them accepted that they saw it. The company promised to launch an investigation to find out who stole the phone. This is exactly what caused my absence in your party. Please, I am sorry.

You need to understand that you mean a lot to me and I can do everything just to ensure that you are happy always. I will continue to love you in every way because you are a special girl and you deserve a lot of respect from me.
So, I want you to accept my apology, reason with my excuse because I didn’t make up this story. I love you. Sorry for what happened, I hope it will not occur again.

Yours faithfully.

Dear Rah,

I know you are not happy with me. This is the very reason why I am writing this letter. I wonder what has come between us that day but still, I am at fault and want to use this opportunity to seek your forgiveness.

If you can forgive me from the bottom of your heart, I will be glad and my heart will be relieved of the pain I caused myself. Since the day I hurt your feelings with my action, my mind has been restless, I have been struggling to be happy once again but all in vain because I can’t be comfortable knowing that you are hurt.

Life is simple but we make things complicated for ourselves. This time around, I own this blame and hope you will find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I didn’t know my action will embarrass you this much that you shed tears. I trust you so much, and my heart will always miss you. This is the very reason I don’t want anything or anyone to separate us. Please, forgive me. I am sorry.

May you find peace and harmony that will make you happy all the days of your life. I also want to thank you for being there for me since the day we met. This misunderstanding shouldn’t make us forget the love that has been between us. I love you and I am really happy that you are in my life. I want that presence of yours that excites me in this world. I so much love you and I am really serious about it.

Thanks so much for everything you have done in my life. I will continue to love you for the rest of my life.

Yours faithfully.

Dear sweetness,
I have to summon the courage to write this letter to you in order to tell you that I am very sorry for all the pain I have caused you. Since the day we met, I haven’t been that nice to you. This incident and the separation that occurred between us; I have come to realize that you have been a patient person and this is very interesting, losing you will be a big loss to my enemies. I wish you all the best.

I will like to also inform you that I am ready to take you to my parents as you suggested. I realized that you are the right woman for me. You have really tried because it is not rare to find a good girl like you in this world. Please, no matter what has happened between us, pardon me and find a place in your heart to forgive me. I will continue to love you forever and ever.

Lastly, if I am lucky and you accepted my apology, we will go out for a reconciliation trip. We will spend time together to wash away the trauma of our separation. I can’t live in this world without you. Please forgive my action; I will never disappoint you again. Your love is what rings in my heart always. Thanks so much, may you live long to spend the rest of your life with me.

Dear Habeebah,

How I wish you understand that I will never desire to hurt you. I realized that there is a need to write this letter to you so that I can explain myself to you. I don’t want you to have a misconception about me. You are just the best person in my life. I will continue to love you forever.

I want you to look at me with the eyes of mercy. Sometimes, we make a mistake that removes our love in the heart of someone that cares about us. The only thing that can revive the love is mercy. Please, don’t close the door of your pity upon me. Your presence in my life is very important, so, having you far away from me will be a big problem, in fact, a disaster. I am sorry once again.

You are not at fault at all. You don’t need to apologize in return. Please, all I need from you is to accept my apology. Accept me back so that we can take this relationship to the next level. I love you so much and this is so because you have always been a nice person in my life. I love you and it is the truth. You are so special, may the Lord continue to protect you.

If there is any way I have hurt you that you are still finding it difficult to forgive me, please, find somewhere in your heart to forgive me—even though the space is as small as the whole of ant, I will be glad if you forgive me. I miss you so much. How I wish you are right beside me, how I wish we didn’t have any problem, by now we will be happy together.

Lastly, this has already happened. You need to forgive and forget. Sometimes, it is not easy to forget but if you can accept my apology, it is enough for me. Less I forget, always understand that you are the best girl in my life, and as such, I don’t have the ability to replace you with another girl. From head to toe, you are the only girl in my heart. You are the chocolate whose taste never finishes in my mouth. I swear you are the sweetest lollipop in the world. I pray we reconcile soon.

Yours Faithfully.

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