80+ friendship messages for girlfriend

Friendship Messages for Girlfriend

Friendship messages: is a kind of article written for friends who truly love each other. Those special friends that can always be there for you when you need them most. They are like your guardian angel, and whatever happens to you which is of evil also affects them, if what happened to you is good, they equally share in the joy with you. So, it is advisable to wish our friends well and let them know that we appreciate them on what they have been doing in our life.

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1. Only a great friend that wake’s you to forget your painful past, make’s you focus on your present and strive for a valuable future, you are the best.
2. You Pursuit for fairness will make our friendship last forever, our friendship will even shine brighter.

3. Our friendship is faultless, innocent and omnipresent, i really appreciate our friendship.

4. I have benefited extremely from your presence, can’t i stop loving you?

5. It is your thought that keep me at peace, i truly love you my good friend.

6. An awesome friend like you is like a flowing river, our friendships will never die.

7. Sincere friendship never has a reason, friends are gotten by heart, and you will be my friend forever.

8. Don’t walk ahead of me i might not follow, don’t walk behind me, i might lost my way, let us just walk side to side, and be my friend.

9. Since you have being my friend, you have turned me into the kind of person i wanted to be, i need you like flower need sunlight and rain thanks friend.

10. Nothing seems more awesome than to have someone that really appreciate you in the tiniest of reasons.

Friendship Messages for her

11. When it comes to our friendship i choose quality not quantity, thanks for being there for me.

12. Friend will always remain a friend, no matter how many miles the distance may be there will still be a piece of memories you had together, love you, dear friend.

13. Good friend always stand by each other, friends that appear to you when they need something are fake friends.

14. You cannot have friends for the whole day, because they are like mornings, but be sun to see them when you wake up tomorrow and forever.

15. I cannot measure the moment we spent together or the favour we have done for our self’s but by the ease you find whenever you realized that we care for each other.

16. My heart is house with door that is always open for you.

17. I always feel blessed to have you to have you around me, I can’t love you lesser my friend.

18. True friends make your life memorable but you have make friendship awesome, joyful and special.

19. You are the special friend that everyone desire to have, you so sweet and cultured.

20. Seeing a reliable friend like you, makes me feel like a true friend to you.

Friendship Messages to Make Him Smile

21. You are the special companion sent from God to me, you have touched my life positively, and you are indeed a caring friend.

22. Various people meet for various reasons, I am so happy to know that you are as a friend to me.

23. My friendship with you is so unique, because it has giving me a true friend just like you.

24. Just like a circle that has no end, I want our friendship to last forever and ever.

25. If I am to give a hundred awards to a friend, I will give it to no other friend but you.

26. If a thousand opportunities come for me to choose a friend, it will still be you because you are the most inspirable friend on earth.

27. Your encouraging words have uplifted me above the darkest moment of my life.

28. I want you to succeed in life, because you have being my strength, and i look up to you always.

29. Imaging the word without you is impossible for me on earth.

30. True friend are like stars that we see in the sky at night, they shine like sun during the day, hiding themselves under the sky.

Friendship Messages for my Best Friend

31. You might be having a bad time to fit in, a true friend will tell you to be different from other.

32. I will stand as your voice when you can speak, and I will be your eyes when you can see, I will always stand by you each time you are weak.

33. Bad things had drawn me back until I met you, you have to give me positive energy.

34. I find it had to look forward, but with you i can face the future, thanks for all you have done for me.

35. True friend can make you lose your mind without being taken to the mental hospital.

36. A friend can talk to you in a good manner, why a true friend will speak to you rudely without being offended.

37. Honest friend will stand like a tree to give themselves shed and they are like a river flowing whenever they feel thirsty.

38. With you as a friend I feel life is easier and happier, I hope that you are with me always, thank you for being my friend.

39. You are my angel that guided me true all my life, and make things easier for me, thank you for your kindness and wonderful characters.

40. Stay with friends that will influence you positively in your life, and lead you towards achieving something in life.

Friendship Messages for Good Friendship

41. Life is like game sometime sometimes you wine sometimes you lose, but there is an important thing that i will not like to lose, which is you my friend.

42. Thousand of friend cannot be compared with one awesome thing, and that is you my friend.

43. Whenever am away from you life seems to be tough, but thinking about those awesome and happy moment always put a smile on my face.

44. A true is the person who knows everything about you, and still like you for who you are.

45. If my heart is open, the only thing that will be found is you because you had to be find.

46. I will forever be grateful to you for being there, because you are the amazing and trusted person in my life.

47. I might have wrong you many times, but still you didn’t chase me away from you, truly you are a good friend.

48. You’ve change me for the best, that is what true friend will ever do to keep the friendship.

49. I promise to be there for you whenever you need me, and i will support you for the sake of our friendship.

50. My prayer to the lord today is that as we start this beautiful friendship so shall it last forever and ever.

Friendship Messages for Good Friendship

51. I choose you as my best friend because I know you lead me to the right part of the word.

52. No matter what the situation may be I will never tone my back on you because the bound will always draw us to stack with each other.

53. I am very proud to call you my best friend, I should have now that you are the angel sent by the lord to save me, thanks I truly appreciate.

54. People meet for deferent’s reasons, whatever it may be, I don’t care because you are very kind and nice to me.

55. You are so much important to me, because you’ve gave me the best advice and i value our friendship more than you can ever think.

56. You are my best friend and I value you as much as I value my life, I pray to the lord to approve our friendship so that we will not find a difficulty on our way.

57. I pray to the lord to bless you beyond your imagination, because you are a good friend who everyone will want to have.

58. From the very first time we met, you have being a nice person that is why i can’t stop thinking about that fateful day.

59. Whenever i remember the quality time we spent together, it gives me so much joy, thanks for being dear my good friend.

60. You are truly amazing, until now i have never seeing such a nice person as you are, thanks for accepting me as your best friend.

Friendship Messages for Good Friendship

61. Indeed you are a nice friend that like to do a good thing, that what makes me have confidence in you, thank you, my good friend.

62. I pray to the lord to promote our relationship, because I want to be there for you whenever you need me, and I want you to be there for me as well, like true friends those.

63. I hope you reserved the plenty gift I sent to you? As my best friend I cannot forget you.

64. I promise to be a friend that will be there for you, any time any wear, and i also promise to stand by you in your hard times.

65. Thanks a lot for all the advice and courage you’ve given me, your encouragement posh me to who I am today, I will be forever grateful to you.

66. Whenever I look at your eyes I see nothing but a purity, that is why I am fully confident to do whatever I want, thanks for being my best friend.

67. If I am opportune to choose a person as my companion, I will choose you one million times ahead of anyone.

68. Despite that we are not relate but i fill like you related to me, thanks for coming at the right time.

69. Today i beseech the lord to bless you for me, because you are the true friend who i really trust with my entire mind.

70. I cherish you and our friendship like no ever, because you are the kind of friend that ever one will like to have in their life.

Friendship Messages for Best Friends

71. No one else who can take care of than you do, that is why I make you my number one fan, thanks for being the best friend to me.

72. I am so glad to her that you are coming back home, from now I know I will have someone to crack a joke with.

73. From the very moment we meet, something tells me that you will be my best friend, now i know that is true.

74. A friend like you is very rare to find in this word, I am so lucky to find you on time and I will always remember this special day.

75. My family complains that I spend too much time with you, but I don’t mind because you are my good friend.

76. I pray to the lord to uplift you and bless you so that i can enjoy with you along, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.

77. Being successful in life is not always easy, but with you by my side, know I will get to my destination, I truly appreciate you for being my friend.

78. Our friendship is not just for fun, but a true friendship and honesty, a very big thanks to that best friend of my.

79. I need you more than ever, because you are the only person that makes me happy whenever i am sad.

80. True friends honour a friendship, because as far as i am consigned friendship means everything to me.

Friendship Messages for Best Friend to Smile

81. Wishing you unlimited happiness and joy, i am going to miss you allot please always keep in mind that i will love until you come back.

82. I truly miss your beautiful smile, sometimes i fill like you are part of me, and without you i will not be able to be happy.

83. Thank you for accepting my friendship without question, i pray to the lord to accept you without question too.

84. I only fill peace when am with you, infarct you are my every day joy, i love you so much my dear friend.

85. You are also part of my life, because you are the only person who i can trust fully without any fear.

86. I understand that friendship is all about trust and honesty.

87. I pray to the lord to spear your life, and grant you long life with good health, may you also be happy true your life time.

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