55+ Funny Love Memes For Her

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These are collections of funny memes to keep you lively after long hours of work in the day….Now it is time to relax with your family…Enjoy yourself because you really worth it. I beleieve you will all enjoy this new post because contains the most romantic images you have been searching for. So always visit our site for the best of memes collect because you are our number one prioty. In this site, we love our visitors than anything else.

Love Memes for Girlfriend
I keep wondering what kind of wall he wants t o build…the cracked one on his face?

This meme image is so funny that i can’t just hold my cracking ribs!

I wish I have a sweetheart too…anyway it is not just easy to get rid of my own heart!

Really it is funny watching football..I would love to watch too

I can remember does kiddies days when my mum called me baby its time for kids!



Oh, she is just been upset…I wish to be there for you!

It is not just easy having ladies as the young ones sometimes…trouble makers!

Really, I thought my guy is the only naughty man on earth! Is there two types of those workers? Prostitute and Prosti..Toot

I just keep admiring you my sweet guy..oops sorry not you!


When I was like you I didn’t know what an handset is…


Love Memes funny


Wait let me think of the one I love most…I am coming..wait!



Being connected to the internet sucks sometimes Love is not for everyone my guy…go to bed!

I’m scared…Just let me be myself rather okay?

Did you hear that?

Hoping to be myself after the whole dance all stars!

I think I have eaten Kungfu chicken too!

Holy crap, I hope I’m safe? I just formatted my pc


Sweet I am in love with you like never before!!!

Just like you see them, I see them too funny too!!!

Wait let me die and then die again…I will love you too!

Love Meme Pictures

And this is just the beginning…love saga!

I garr no time to read long stories…Prof. did you read it?

Hmm..don’t get me jealous baby!!!

He was my love Kungfu master…

Life biography in few seconds!!!

I thought you are one that’s why I came to test you!


Oh, what a cute Jack Robinson

My baby must not be scared tonight….okay???

Who says so…Tell me…Win a dollars!

You stepped on the wrong lane. Sorry!

I don’t trust good friends like you!


I learnt my lesson too hard…poor table manners!!!

How on earth you think I will love back monkey?

Okay thank you Mr Dug I thought you are dog!!!

Testimonies or what?

What on earth is Trimester?

A brave dog or a murder dog?

I’m scared of your holy hugs!

What a cute Asian cat!

Wrestling is my favorite sport and you?

Okay friend meet you soon…how’s daddy?

Holiness…What a super Kiss?

Just can’t stop lying to save my love…Professor Liar!!!


You mean they smile too? Oh my God…New world!

Love Meme Pictures

I love you a lattle funny meme image

What a love text message that sucks…

Funny guys…I thought you’ve left this life style since you were 18?

 When your best friend is mad at you!!!

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 I Am Not The Best But I Promise I will Love You With All My Heart

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Hey Sex Pants I Miss You…This Dude Has Know Single Respect Lol!

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I want Be Your Favorite Hello And Your Hardest Goodbye

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When You Are Chillin With Your Girl And Get A Text After 11 Act Like You Ain’t Hear It

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Someday Some Will Tell Me They Love Me And Actually Mean It. When I try To Run, And I Will Run…They Will Love Me Enough To Refuse Me To Go.

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The Moment When He Rolls Over And Pulls Me Closer In His Sleep. This Makes Life Complete

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So It’s No Gonna Be Easy, It Is Gonna Be Hard; We Are Gonna Be Going To Work On This Everyday But I want To Do That Because I Want All Of You. Forever And Everyday You And Me…EveryDay…

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I Just Want You, That’s It… All Your Flaws, Mistakes, Smiles, Giggles, Jokes, Sarcasm, Everything. I Just Want You.

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Sweet Love Memes To Make Her Happy Living With You.

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The Most Romantic Love Story Is Not Romeo And Juliet Who Died Together…But Grandpa And Grandma Who Grew Old Together.


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My Reaction When My Husband Asks “When did this new dog get here?”

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The Way I Look Just Before My Principal Walks In My Classroom For An Observation.

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If You Love Someone, Set Them Free. If You Hate Someone, Set them free. Basically, set everyone free, and get a cat. People are stupid.

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Actually no, my post wasn’t for you but if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up and wear it.

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Cocaine is Never a Solution, Unless of course, You Dissolve It In Water

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Strippers Do Nothing But I Will Take A Free Breakfast Buffet Anytime Anyplace

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This Funny Teens Hmm…Their Case He Be Like Mhen Just Need To Keep Quite

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Would I Rather Be Feared Or Loved..Um…Easy Both. I Want People To Be Afraid Of How Much They Love Me.


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I Wish I could Turn back the clock, I would find you sooner or love you longer.

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When I say let’s go to disneyland…We go to disneyland


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