50 Goodnight Quotes For Lover

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Here we are today to post to you one of the most beautiful love quotes ever. We believe that this latest post will be mind-blowing and fascinating because much attention will be given in composing it compare to the previous ones. Although you might have read posts in other sites we bet you that you will actually fall in love with this domain after reading our previous text messages such as goodnight messages for friends and goodnight messages for him.

Here are the latest love messages we have for you so enjoy the fits as we beat the drum for you:

  1. It has never been easy living alone without the companion which your heart has accepted with ultimate acceptance. Just like yesterday, my bank of joy increased in value because I found the lily of passion in my life—that’s you my dear rose; an epitome of beauty. Baby love I say goodnight!
  2. Love is a taste of passion, taste it and find the sweetness lasts forever on your tongue. I encounter a diamond in my life, she never knew her soul is what I refer to until the glory of my love for her becomes so manifested, hey you the joy of my life how cute you have become. Goodnight!
  3. The night is raining upon me and I’m so wet with comfort s and passion. How wonderfully my heart has become because you feed me with your kindness. My dear love, meeting you is a joy, success and pure gold that glitter like a true heart. The night is smiling just like my queen. Goodnight!
  4. The night hour has come and all the birds have gone to rest only my heart is awoke thinking about you. I wish to see you soon my sweetheart I love you. I just feel like to be where you are now. Goodnight my love!
  5. This night your thoughts are flowing in my heart because you are nowhere beside me. I care more about where you are but the truth is that my night is incomplete without you by my side. I hope for the day to break so I can see your beautiful face. Goodnight!
  6. Loving a gem like you is my number one priority as a lover. You may not understand how important you are to me but one thing is for sure, your love will never die in my heart. I want to see your bright face once more goodnight!
  7. I am wishing you a cool night and wonderful dream because you are the most loving woman I have ever set my eyes upon. For this reason, I dedicate my heart for you to make you know that after you no other man again. Goodnight!
  8. I miss your face tonight even when I was there with you all through the daytime. Though I don’t know why I’m so much in love with you but one thing is for sure, you are the most interesting lady I have ever met in my life, just want to say goodnight, my love!
  9. Thank you for all the things you have done in my life; starting from the day I met you up till this moment. I want to appreciate for been there for me when I needed you most. I pray that the comfort of this night finds your home address. Goodnight!
  10. I was not happy when I saw you walking away in the daytime because I knew very well that your absence will really affect me. I miss you sweetheart and that’s just the truth. I wish to be wrapped in your arm right now. Goodnight!


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  1. My eyes are full of tears because I have missed you so much. I don’t know why your thoughts have taken over my heart, but I love it because the feelings I do have brought joy to me and in return make feel good about myself. You are the best man I have seen ever. I just want to say, goodnight!
  2. I wish you are here with me so I can feel the warmth of your body, taste the sweetness of your lips and the joy of being around you. I cherish you with all my heart and that’s why I wish we can be together until the end of time, goodnight love!
  3. Without you, in my life, I wonder how my days will have become. I wonder how sad I will always be but thank God I met you, my sweet angel. There is one thing that keeps wondering me in my heart—is there still any girl like you? Just want to say goodnight!
  4. I beseech the Lord to favor you with every good fortune that comes with night hours and protect you against all evils that attached to them. I wish you a very sound night rest and endless bliss in your dreams. The night is special so enjoy your sleep. Goodnight!
  5. The night is like a garment that covers all our stress and replaces them with comfort, so I beseech the Lord to relieve you of all the difficulties you have encountered during the day. Although the day is sweet I can’t stand the feeling of loneliness in the night!
  6. My joy comes from the brightness of your eyes, my happiness finds its source from the cuteness of your voice and my feelings find security from the sincere attitude you are endowed with, goodnight my heart!
  7. You are such a renowned lover the one I cherish most, I miss you—goodnight loves you, my dear angel. Less I forget, I really miss your beautiful face, cute voice, stylish walk, and cheerful attitude. I miss you with a passion but goodnight!
  8. I knew how you feel when it seems like you have lost me for another man but it the truth is that you can never be replaced by any other man. I wish you a sound rest this night and I love you dearly. Goodnight!
  9. For the rest of my life I want to live with you my dear angel, for the joy you brought into my life and the change I feel being around you—my dear love yours I will do until the end of time, just wish to say goodnight!
  10. When I set my eyes on you, I saw a brighter future; you are an angel that can never be replaced by any woman. I cherish you my one in a million girls the one that bright up my heart with a chain of love light. I hope you will have a wonderful night? Goodnight love!


  1. The flower of my life the one cherish with all my heart I wish you all the best in life because you are my light the passion that keeps me smiling all the time. I want you to understand that no any other man can take your place—not now not even forever, goodnight!
  2. The joy of my heart, I am using this blessed night to reach out to you; in peace and harmony. I can’t sleep because your thoughts overflow in my heart bringing perfect passion into my life. I changed for good when I met you—indeed you are a mentor, just want to say goodnight!
  3. I will continue to love you until the end of time because you are the most interesting man I have ever met in my life; you make me happy always and never have you disappointed even for once without showing that kindness has been searching for in a man. I love you, my dear prince, just want to say, goodnight!
  4. The first day I set my eyes on you, I felt a total satisfaction in my heart because there is a spirit in me that tells me how wonderful you could be in a person’s life, I wish to see you any moment from now. I just want to say goodnight!
  5. Thinking about you makes me happy and therefore I can sleep better. This very night, I miss you beyond what you can ever think of, I wish you are right here beside me to cuddle me and kiss me in the best way ever, just want to say goodnight, my love!
  6. The night has come, so thinking about you is mandatory to come naturally. I am thinking about that beautiful moment we have spent together, although I really miss you my heart belongs to you, now and forever goodnight!
  7. I love thinking about you because it brings bliss to my heart. You are such an amazing person, been beside me makes me feel like a queen. I cherish you with passion, just want to say goodnight, my sweetheart!
  8. I hope you had a very wonderful night? This night you alone I put in my heart as I think about you. I really miss you so I can’t wait for the day to break to see your bright face. You are the most beautiful angel I have ever met in life. Goodnight!
  9. I love the way you make me happy since the day I met you; though I was scared thinking that you are like every other man not until you prove to me what it means to have a true man beside me, goodnight!
  10. You are the most beautiful princess whom I found in my love garden and I took note of you because you are the outstanding pearl that sparks my heart with passion. I wish to always be where you are, goodnight I miss you!
  11. I cherish everything about you from your beautiful dark hair to your cute and romantic smile that mesmerizes my heart with passion. I just can’t explain why I am so much in love with you, goodnight the love of my life!
  12. The angel of my life, I want you to understand that you alone I have dedicated my heart to among billions of women out there. I feel the impact of your presence in my life and that’s why I always feel sad whenever you are not around me, goodnight!
  13. Through the light that emanates from you’re your heart, I find the joy of living with you. Baby, there is nothing that can stop me from loving you; I wish to let you know that I can’t sleep in a day without thinking, goodnight!
  14. You are a pearl that has no rival among every other treasure. In this special night cool like never before, I beseech the Lord to give you a comfort that will with you forever. I really miss you just want to say goodnight, my love!
  15. I wish to be with you right now perhaps this loneliness will fade away as the cloud vanishes gently. I love you and your presence is like bliss to me; it brings a smile to my face and makes me feel deeply happy in my heart, goodnight!
  16. Living a life without you can be so boring, that’s why I never like the idea of your moving away from my sight. This night, I am so lonely thinking about all the beautiful memories we have spent together, just want to say, goodnight dear!
  17. You are my dearest queen and beside you, no other woman. I love everything about you so as such I don’t joke with your matter. Every day of my life, your thoughts never cease to exist on my heart. Goodnight!
  18. The hour of the night has descended, my wishes for you is to gain the comforts that come with it. I wish you a very sound night rest that will always keep you fit now and for the rest of your life—goodnight y angel!
  19. Loving you is the most interesting thing I have ever encountered in life; you are such an amazing prince. Your type is very rare on the surface of the earth so thank God for meeting you just want to say goodnight!
  20. My life became special since the day I set my eyes on you. The happiness I feel in me started the first day accepted to belong to me. I believe in you and your words. This night, I pray that your entire desires be granted to you, goodnight!


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  1. Much of love for the one I cherish with all my heart. The night is wonderful because you are part of it. I am feeling the aura of your beauty right now but the painful thing is that you are nowhere close to me. I want to feel the heat of your body—goodnight!
  2. I am sending you lots of kisses this night to wash away your daily stress. I want you to accept my hugs so you will find blissful sleep tonight. Baby, I can’t explain why I love you this much but the truth is that you are the air I breathe, goodnight!
  3. I love my life because I met the most handsome man on earth. I met the best man who can show kindness to his woman without hesitation. You are such an amazing person and that’s why you will always be the number one in my heart, goodnight!
  4. You are my number one and I have come here to say, you belong to me; no one can beat you and get your place in my heart because you are kept in a special place. You are my prince in the palace of love, just want to say goodnight!
  5. Since the first day I set my eyes on you, I knew you are my missing rib, that angel I have been searching for has finally come into my life to change it for good. You are my world and I enjoy living in you, goodnight!
  6. I feel so sorry for myself since the day you left, so my nights are always filled with an ocean of loneliness. You are a special kind of person with genuine love in his heart. I must tell you that I have never met a person like you before: goodnight my love!
  7. The treasure that I adore, I know that this night will be special because you are here with me. I derive joy in sending you messages that’s why I need to reach out to through my special words written only for you. I just want to say goodnight!
  8. When I married you, little did I realize that I have met the kindest man on earth, I came to realize how sweet it is to meet a special person like you in life; now and for the rest of my life, I will cherish you and be grateful for all you have done. Goodnight!
  9. You are the one I cherish most among other men of your time and nothing can separate us; not even the longest distance because your love has been permanently inbuilt in my heart, I love you with all my heart, just want to say “goodnight sweetheart!”
  10. Finally, I met the most beautiful woman on earth who cares and never gets tired of loving me no matter what. I found the joy of my life the treasure that brings passion upon my heart. I will continue to love you until the end of time, goodnight!

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