50 Good Morning Love Messages for Him And Her

Good morning messages for the one you love

  1. The epitome of beauty, the one my heart has chosen. The jewel who I adore so much, I just want to say good morning my love.
  2. Only you my heart desires and wants to be with forever. You make me feel better than I have ever expected, you are the one that pleases my heart. Good morning my love.
  3. I am happy because it is morning, now I can see your face fairer than the sun. Your beauty is so dazzlingly than the gold. I love you dear, good morning.
  4. Over the weeks, your thoughts in my heart have become the alarm clock that wakes me up. The reason is because I can’t wait to see your smiling face. All through the night, my mind failed to forget about the moment we spent together. I love you my angel.
  5. My breakfast is not complete until I hear from you. Loving you is the best experience ever. Good morning my dear love.
  6. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You have put joy in my heart so I must appreciate your kindness in my life. Hope your night was sweet? Good morning my super hero.
  7. Reaching out to you is my pleasure. Holding on to your love is my business; ending up with you makes my day. Have a great day.
  8. I could not sleep through the night because your thoughts never cease to remain in my heart. You are the reason why smile flows around my face. Good morning.
  9. Yesterday has taken away the past stress- today is here with lots of success and break through so I pray they find their ways to you.
  10. Good morning my dear angel no matter how hard today may look, always remember that I will be there for you.

Good Morning messages for her

  1. Morning coffee is always good to start the day but having not seen your smile weakens my body. I hope all is fine over there? Have a great day.
  2. My sweet heart how was your night? I’m sure it was fantastic because this morning, I had the effect of your dreams about us; so my face is as bright as the morning sun.
  3. The sun shines for us to accomplish our goals. The sun does not just come but comes along with success, joy, happiness, glory, tranquility and so many other good things I can’t mention. Don’t worry, I prayed to God so they can find their ways to you. Good morning.
  4. This morning, I pray that the glory that comes with it descends on you. Your night may be cool but I assure you that your day will be brighter. Take a sip of your morning coffee- lolz.
  5. Hope you had a sweet dream? Please expect my call as soon as possible- I can’t wait to hear your voice. Good morning.
  6. You are the one that makes my day filled with joy and your presence is an endless comfort, my baby I love you with all my heart. I just want to say Good morning.
  7. I feel deep love in me whenever I wake up in the morning with your thoughts filled in my heart. I am sure to have a great day because you are mine. Have a nice day baby.
  8. Everything about me is now revolving around you because i have chosen you to be the angel of my life. You wipe away my tears when I’m sad, love me so I will not be starved of it. I can’t stop loving you my dear sweetheart. Have a great day.
  9. Loving you gives joy to my heart, missing you is one mighty feeling that weighs me down most, I never want to see you far away from me. Wherever you are, please do have a nice morning.
  10. I am lucky because now I am so sure that I will see your bright face today, you may not know how much I missed you through the last night but do know that- you mean the world to me. Good morning dear.

Good Morning Messages That You Love

  1.  How much script can I write to express how much you mean to me? No! I don’t think there is a means to explain to you, the gravity of my love for you. I wish you are here now but I can still say “Good morning to you”.
  2.  All what you have done in my life is great, I will continue to appreciate your kindness to me. You are a special gem worthy of been called a prince. I adore you so much. Have a great day.
  3.  With your thoughts rolling around my heart all through the night, I feel special because you gave me the reason to smile. Have a nice day until we meet again.
  4. A king adores his Queen because she is cute, good and caring. I admire you because you are more kind, caring, loving than a king. So I want to say a special good morning prayer for you. May the angel of success reach out to you today.
  5. Like the wind, a soul is willing to bring all good things of life to you. A heart that love you so much is wishing you success in life. A mind that always think about you wants to say “Good morning my love”.
  6. Good morning my love. I will like to remind you of the change you have brought into my life. Since the day I met you, my life never remain the same but filled with passion and passion gotten from your ‘love bank’. Good morning dear.
  7. Having you around me is a lifetime success, Meeting you in life is a potential, ending up with you is an endless blessing. I just want to say good morning I love you.
  8. Loving you has taken me to a world where everything is good, cute and beautiful so therefore my heart wishes nothing else for you but success in everything you do. Have a cool day outing.
  9.  The love of my life, hope you slept well last night? I just want you to know that I could not sleep because your thoughts overtook my mind, so I was careful to keep them safe until this morning.
  10. The angel of my life, the most admired girl I have met ever. All my hope today is that you should have a great day. Take a cup of coffee and ride on the day guff.

Good Morning Love Messages

    1. I love the kind of life I’m living now, not because it is sweet. I love my new life because you are with me, an uncommon gem that puts smile on my face. Good morning to you.
    2. Morning is an opportunity to show how much we love and care for those who are close to our heart. The cutest moment to reach out to our beloved angels, I say good morning my love.
    3. You have been the love I have always dreamt about. Now you have become my dream come true. I will always adore and cherish you, my heart the epitome of beauty. Good morning.
    4. Good morning the hero before my heart, I have missed you so much that I cannot help to let even the smallest emotion about you. I love you and want you to have a great day.
    5. The best of my talent is to see you smile my angel. The best friend I have ever come across, the love of my life. Just do me one favour dear, have a nice day.
    6. In the freshness of the morning pearls, in the sweetness of the morning dew, I wish that God give you all goodness of life, put smile on your face as you accomplish your daily goal.
    7. When the wind blows, the trees in the forest bow for the one that is capable, when the rain falls it comes with its lightning giving fear and hope but when it comes to your matter, love rises to its zenith to put smile on your face. Have a wonderful day my hero.
    8. There is nothing more special to me than how you love me; I am so happy that I found you. This morning, I am sending you a lot of kisses to brighten up your day.
    9. To you who I love so much, the queen of my heart who I cherish with all my life, hope you had a sweet dream? Good morning.
    10. The sun rises and set by its command, the moon appears and reappears by its command, morning comes with its glory to shower upon you but my love for you will continue to shine until the end of time.

    Nice Good Morning Messages For Your Love one

    1. Having you as my love solves all my problems, my face is all bright and full of smile. Have a nice day baby.
    2. A cup of coffee for the love of my life, a delicious fried egg for the Queen of my heart- a well buttered sliced bread for my angel. A big good morning for the one I love.
    3. Love is a blessing that blends with every moment of time, a passion that exists strongly between two lovers, a reason why sun shines, a force that puts smile on my face. Dear love, good morning.
    4. Good morning dear, I just want to let you know that: A minute without you brings endless tears rolling down my innocent chicks. Having you around me is a lifetime joy. You are my strength in your presence, my weakness in your absence.
    5. Your closeness to me is the joy itself. It raises the innermost giant in me, which brings out my cheerful smiles. Good morning my beloved.
    6. Whenever you are far away from me, I feel sadness in my heart like a lonely rock in the middle of the deep blue sea. Your presence brings back all the joy I have lost. I am dying to see your bright face this blessed morning. Chill, until we meet again.
    7. Having you around me is the best moment I always hope for, dream about and pray to ever have. An inch of your closeness to me is as cool as the coolest chilliest chocolate. Good morning.
    8. Your presence is a diamond sparkling light like will never end again. I cry all alone in my bed in secret, whenever I think of you. Your thoughts have occupied my heart- I breathe nothing else but love. Good morning my love.
    9. Diamond to me is the most valuable treasure; however to me you are more precious than the cutest stone. Have a cool day.
    10. If you can’t be reached, then I am doomed. You are my joy when I’m sad, my strength when I’m weak. With my smiling face, I say good morning my hero.





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