50 Birthday Messages For My Girlfriend Or Boyfriend

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Happy birthday wishes and prayers for him or her


Happy birthday wishes are good messages which are advisable to be sent to those we love so much with our heart. We can actually become the influencers of our loved ones’ joy and happiness during occasions of a special day in their life. For instance a birthday celebration or occasion that is similar to it. We recommend that you also read these birthday messages.

Here we have selectively gathered the best of happy birthday wishes and prayers to help you easily appreciate your loved ones. These messages are a heart enticing and they are promising you a fabulous result after you send them to the receivers. Good luck and enjoy the party with your lovers.

1. I ask the blessed God to increase you in wealth and success in this new age you just clocked. I wish you the best of luck and permanent prosperity that will have no end. Happy birthday my love!

2. May the honor and the mercy of the Lord spread upon you as the grasses spread on the earth with ever green leaves. I ask the Lord to shower you with a beautiful fortune that lasts forever. Happy birthday to you!

3. Today is a special day for a gem like you and I am so happy for you. I pray that the ease that comes with every special day be descended upon you as the rain falls on a dried land. Happy birthday angel!

4. The journey throughout the year is absolutely full of ups and downs but the most joyful idea is that you are alive up till this moment. I thank almighty God who spared your life and I want to wish you a big happy birthday!

5. Great day are made for great people like you, thank God you are my companion and I am proud of you. This special day of yours, I ask the Lord to ease all of your life affairs. Happy birthday baby!

6. I want to appreciate all the impact you made in my life and will like to send you a romantic happy birthday wishes and prayers. So I say, may the sea of blessing and happiness be yours now and forever. Happy birthday my heart!

7. You are a special princess that deserves lots of colorful flowers. I may not be able to bring the flowers but I think I owe you what is more than millions of flowers. I wish for you a better life and wonderful moment at all times. Happy birthday!

8. Happy birthday to the prince of my heart, loving you is a great pleasure. I am wishing you the best in life, may the glory of the Lord shine upon your life as the early morning sun shines on the earth planet. Happy birthday!

9. I ask the Lord to enhance your means of livelihood and increase your impact in any gathering you may find yourself. I pray that your wealth be increased now and forever. Happy birthday to you!

10. This very moment, my heart is full of joy and fabulous passion because you are plus one today. I wish you good luck in life and hereafter. May the shining star light up your way to success by the leave of the Lord. Happy birthday my love!


Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Him and Her


11. Like the flowing of the river in the environmental condition, I ask the Lord to increase your wealth and property with ease and peace. May the success of your new age abide with you forever; just want to say, happy birthday love!

12. I am lucky because I met you in life—a rare gem with lots of banks of kindness. I hope you will be cheerful on this special day of yours? I am willing to make your new age look more special than you least expected. God bless you, happy birthday!


13. Love is cool and sweet and it can be especially shared on special days like this. I wish you the best in life, May the love of mankind finds its way to your home. I wish you a prosperous life ahead. Happy birthday!


14. Happy birthday to a special person, I admire you so much and I cherish you with an ultimate passion. I pray that the glory of the season shines upon you, and your days will be filled with joy and happiness. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


15. You are the best of companions I have ever met in life because you honor and care for me. I love you and wish you a prosperous life ahead. I ask the almighty to bless you and make your new age a special glory. Happy birthday!

16. As the richness of the market increases every day, I pray that your new age brings endless fortune to you. As the freshness of the breeze blows bringing comfort to the soul, I ask the Lord to bless you with the highest of fortunes and prosperity. Happy birthday, love!

17. My prayer for you on this special day of yours is that the Lord should come to your aid in all that you embark upon. May the path and way that lead to your success be opened with ease; I just want to wish you a very big happy birthday!

18.Nothing good comes so easily they said, but now I believe it is true because your new age has brought fortune into your life. I thank God for sparing your life up till this special moment in life, may the success of your work outshine your stress. Happy birthday, baby!

19. You will not appreciate the glory of the past until you scale it through the year. I want to send my gratitude to the Lord by wishing you a fruitful age and thanking God for sparing your life, may your new age be fantastic. Happy birthday!

20. To the love of my life, I wish you the best in life, may the light of success and coolness of prosperity be yours in this new age; now and forever. I appreciate all your efforts in my life and wish to say, happy birthday my heart!

Romantic Happy Birthday wishes and Prayers for Him and Her


21. Just like yesterday, you are plus one today. I pray that the Lord should make your life warm and colorful as an evergreen garden full of flowers and nice leaves. I ask the Lord to endow you with endless success and cover you in His light now and forever. I wish you good luck and prosperity in life, happy birthday dear!

22. Today is a new day and a special day in the life of a special person. I love you so much my angel and wish to send all my appreciations to show you how much you mean to me. I wish you a fantastic happy birthday and a fruitful life ahead!

23. Like the shining star, may all the days of your life bring joy to you and secure your dignity before everyone. I wish you a life full of success and prosperity. I am willing to extend my gratitude to you on this new day of yours. Happy birthday, love!

24. I wish you every good thing about life and also want to let you understand that I cherish you so much. For the fish find its comfort in the sea, I pray that you find success and comfort in this life. The pigeon finds its freedom in the air, may you find your freedom wherever you may be. Happy birthday!

25. As the sky is beautiful, I pray that the Lord beautify all your ways to success. As the moon is far away from the earth, I pray that your fate is far away from you. As close as the mother is to the child, I pray that your success is close to you. Happy birthday to you!

26. The fish creates a pathway in the sea with its head, may you find it easy to reach your success. I am happy to find out that you are plus one today. As long as this life remains what it is, I pray that your success continues to increase till eternity. Happy birthday!

27. You are so cute therefore deserve the best of wishes in life. I wish you a bountiful season and an honorable moment in your life. I ask the Lord to aid you in all your affairs and endow you with success. Happy birthday my angel!

28. You are plus one today—the child of the day of celebration I celebrate with you. I hope your birthday party will throw up the best of sounds? Anyway, my wishes for you on this special day in your life are that all you aspire within your heart will come to pass in good shape. Happy birthday!

29. Every September is a special day in your life and I’m so happy to learn about that. I wish you the best in life. I pray that your paths to success come with ease. The most interesting companion, I want to cheer you up with this passion I carry on my mind. Happy birthday, good luck!

30. Ever since I met you, my life has changed for good. You make me feel so special and I will forever appreciate the fact that you are so kind. Blessed be your new age, honor be your new life, prosperity be your affairs, ease is your soul. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Lovers


31. Good to learn that today is your birthday my sweetheart. I hope you enjoyed your night’ because today is going to be a party rocket. I wish you a big happy birthday and a prosperous life. I wish you many happy returns!

32. La-la-la-la—today is your special day dolly! I hope you will throw up the biggest party? I can’t wait to come and cheer you up with all the best dance steps. Anyway, I will like to wish you a very big happy birthday and a life full of joy and success. Good luck, happy birthday!

33. As cold as the winter is, I pray that your life is filled with peace and calmness. As warm as the hug is, I ask the Lord to activate your energy to work for success, may your Lord be pleased with you in this life and the hereafter. Happy birthday my love!

34. Like the growth of the beautiful flowers, I ask the Lord to increase your wealth and prosperity now and forever. I wish you a wonderful moment in life. Happy birthday my love!

35. You are my joy and the best companion in life. I want to appreciate you on this special day of yours. I ask the Lord to grant you all your needs. I just want to say happy birthday to you, my dear love!

36. I am happy because you belong to me but what is more astonishing to me is that you have grown up into a beautiful angel that entices my heart. I am sending my wishes on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, angel!

37. You are such a cute and handsome man. Happy birthday to you my sweet prince of passion. I wish you all the good things in life and ask the Lord to shower you with success and prosperity. Happy birthday my sweetheart!

38. Glory to the one who spares your life to this special moment of your life. Without you my life is incomplete. Thank God I met you in my life the jewel of joy and the sweet romantic lady I adore so much. Happy birthday to you!

39. Happy birthday the lovely heart that sparks my days with joy. Hope you are fine? I just want to wish you a very big happy birthday. I pray that your new age is fruitful and full of joy, happy birthday!

40. I am happy to be with you all these years and thank God we made it up till this moment. I want to appreciate our shared memory since the day I met you. Happy birthday, my love, I wish you long-lasting prosperity!

Happy Birthday Wishes and Prayers for Him and Her



41. Good to hear that the love of my life is celebrating her birthday today. Every day of you shall be filled with success, I pray. I wish you the best in life. Happy birthday my sweet princess. I just want to reach out to you the adorable princess!

42. You are my love the most beautiful angel I have met ever in my life; you mean the world to be the best friend my heart has chosen. I wish for you an endless success now and forever, may the pool of prosperity be descended upon you. Happy birthday!

43. I wish to let you understand that you are the treasure that I have, without you my life is incomplete. I ask the Lord to reserve you for me and forever, happy birthday my dear prince.

44. The tears of passion that rolls down my cheeks testify that I love you deeply from the most passionate part of my heart. I am happy that I met you in life. I wish for you great delight, now and forever. Happy birthday!

45. I want you to know that you alone will be loved by my heart until the end of time. I want to wish you a special birthday on this special hour of yours. I love you with the most caring part of my heart. May the rest of your days be blessed with joy, happy birthday!

45. I am lucky to have a beautiful angel like you—the jewel that brings a smile to my face. I love you with all my life. Today marks a sweet and wonderful day in your life so I ask God to bless you and enrich you. Happy birthday!

46. HAPPY birthday my love. You may not know how much you mean to me but today which is your special day will prove most of the good things I have in mind for you. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

47. For all the good things you have done in my life, for all the joy you brought into my life and for all the sweet moments I share with you, I want to appreciate your efforts on this special day of yours. May the God of fortune favor you now and forever, happy birthday!

48. Happy birthday wishes are for beautiful angels like you. I am smiling right now because you are celebrating your birthday today. I will hide my laugh until I meet you, so it can be burst on your darling head. Happy birthday, good luck to you!

49. My joy began since the day I met and set my eyes on you. I believe one thing—and it is the fact that you are so specially made for me. I love you, my sweet angel. I wish you a very romantic happy birthday, may your doors of success be opened in this new age of yours and forever.


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