120 30th Birthday Wishes for Friend to Cheer Up

120 30th Birthday Wishes for Friend Copy and Paste



30th Birthday Wishes for Friend

30th birthday wishes for a friend: our friend is this special person we have in our life that we love so much and don’t want to lose them in any way. Our friend is that lucky one person we are pleased to spend the rest of our life with. Our friend is that passionate companion who is always there for us whether in the past, present or in the future—they are already waiting for us in our imagination before the reality.

Today, I shall be writing text messages about a friend. He or she could be your friend, his friend, or her friend or my friend. In one way or the other, we all have this special friend we can’t stop thinking about. They are just close to our hearts.

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Here are the latest 30th birthday messages for a friend:

120 30th Birthday Wishes for Friend to Smile



1. It is not always easy to be this far in life but here you are today smiling like a newly crowned king of passion. Happy birthday.

2. As you clock another beautiful day in your life, I wish you all the best that you can’t imagine. Happy birthday.

3. May your new age be filled with endless joy, I beseech the Lord to honor you as you clock this blessed day.

4. I wish you a wonderful day ahead as you are now thirty years old. I wish you a fantastic happy birthday.

5. Your life is going smoothly and this is my joy because you are my best companion. I wish you all the best on your birthday.

6. Life is filled with beautiful people and among them are you that I have found in my life. Happy birthday.

7. A special friend will always be special because it is not easy to find one on this earth. Happy birthday.

8. Wishing you the most beautiful things that your mind cannot imagine and your eyes have not seen before. Happy birthday.

9. You are a great friend worthy of been celebrated in every second of this world. You are a champion. Happy birthday.

10. I found many blessings that cannot be overemphasized. You are a pillar of love and passion. Happy birthday.

11. As you clock another year today, may you find every good reason to excel in life? Happy birthday to my friend.

12. You are a wonderful and heartwarming friend. A day with you means a lot to me and I am pleased to say happy birthday.

13. To the most intelligent friend I have ever met on earth, I wish you the most beautiful thing ever occurred on earth. Happy birthday.

14. You are now thirty, no longer a boy but a man that lots of wisdom is expected of you—happy birthday.

15. Maturity comes when you are at this age and you become lovelier every day I set my eyes on you. Happy birthday.

16. A friend like you is rare to find on this earth. I wish you all the best on your birthday. You are a wonderful friend.

17. It is my beloved angel’s birthday a good friend full of love and passion. I just want to wish you a belated birthday.

18. You are my dearest friend ever and I wish you a great day ahead as you retire the twenties. Happy birthday.

19. It is better to celebrate yourself from now because you are plus one. It is not easy to still be alive today. Happy birthday.

20. The thirtieth birthday is the beginning of real maturity. Always put a smile on your face because it is not easy to clock it.


Happy 30TH Birthday Wishes Friend Quotes


21. Happy birthday to my sweetest friend, I wish you all the best in life; you are the most beautiful friend ever. Happy birthday.

22. I hope you will make the best cake ever? I am just ready to make your birthday the best ever celebrated. Happy birthday.

23. I wanted to sing children’s song and send to you but I realized that you are now thirty a man indeed. Happy birthday.

24. Your new age will bring lots of joy for you to believe me because those with faith will never regret it in the end. Happy birthday.

25. I am happy that you are thirty today, I hope that you will find every possibility to excel in life, happy birthday.

26. Your days are as special as the pearl of the jewel. You are so sweet and you are the best friend I have ever met in life. Happy birthday.

27. Every moment spent with you will always be appreciated forever. You are indeed a great companion. Happy birthday.

28. Put the smile on your face as you are now thirty today. I wish you the most beautiful things in life as you celebrate yourself.

29. It is my pleasure to wish you a very gigantic birthday wish as you clock thirty years old today. I love you so much, my dear friend.

30. You are indeed the most beautiful friend ever; I love you not just because you are my friend but forever been there for me.

31. Wishing you all the best ever, I wish I can always be where you are to cheer you up in the most beloved manner. Happy birthday.

32. A day without you will actually bring problems to my heart because I am addicted to you. Happy birthday to you.

33. You are my lovely angel, the sweetest friend ever and I want you to be calm because you are now thirty.

34. Sometimes at a point in your life, you begin to realize that it is the right time to become yourself. This is your opportunity. Happy birthday.

35. Being thirty is sweet because it gives you a glimpse of how your thirties may look. You are so wonderful. Happy birthday.
36. A thirty-year-old man who still thinks he is a boy cannot make it far in life; you are now old so do the right thing. Happy birthday.

37. Congratulations as you clock thirty today. A wonderful person like you is not easy to find—a rare gem is thirty.

38. You are the best person I have ever met as a friend. You are close to my heart. I wish you all the best in life.

39. It is so much happiness as you celebrate your thirtieth birthday today. I wish you all the best in this life.

40. Happy birthday to an uncommon jewel, a treasure called my friend. I wish you all the best as you clock another year.

Happy 30th Birthday Best Friend Quotes


41. I pray that your Lord blesses you with endless love as you clock another year today. I wish you all the best.

42. I beseech the Lord to protect you from all evils. May your new age be filled with endless passion, happy birthday!

43. Your age shall be blessed with lots of love as you clock another year today; I pray that the success that has no bound locates you.

44. The thirtieth birthday is an age with grace. I pray that God will continue to bless you beyond your imagination.

45. Happiness comes when the heart is at rest; I beseech the Lord to always bless you with endless love and success.

46. You are the most beautiful friend life has ever brought to me—thank God for such an unspeakable gift. I wish you grace in life.

47. I pray that your new age blesses you with freedom, health, peace, and prosperity. I just want to say happy birthday.

48. You are the best companion that my heart has chosen, the most beloved angelic friend, may you find your entire heart desires fulfilled.

49. No one can take you to the promised land but God, as your clock thirty today may your days continue to be blessed forever.

50. I wish you new things in life as you open a new chapter today. I beseech the blessings of the Lord upon you. Happy birthday.

51. I hope that you will find a very good reason to be happy every minute of your life; I pray for the favor of your Lord as you clock thirty.

52. You are now at the point of reaching your mid-age and this is a call for celebration. Happy birthday my friend.

53. Happy birthday to the most handsome friend in the world I am happy that you are plus one today.

54. If you were not my good friend I wouldn’t have told you how sweet it is to be thirty but it seems you are frank about that.

55. You actually want to look younger every day but so, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

56. Now that you are thirty, I feel like you will find a better reason to see this life in another dimension. Happy birthday.

57. I wish you all the best in life; you are my dearest angel the most beautiful friend I have ever met in life. Happy birthday.

58. From the best friend I have ever met in life; this chapter of your life is a new dawn for a successful life ahead.

59. You are now thirty so understand that you are no longer young. You are now a man expected to do good things.

60. You might have made mistakes before now but at this age, you will be given the opportunity never to repeat silly mistakes again.

Happy 30th Birthday Friend Wishes



61. Look back and smile because it is not easy to reach this level in life. I wish you all the best on your thirtieth birthday.

62. You are now an official adult so mind your actions from now because it really matters. Happy birthday.

63. A thirty-year-old man or woman who still behaves like a child might find only one opportunity to become a man at forty. Happy birthday.

64. In life, we have learned a lot but with a young and innocent mind but now that you are thirty, your learning should be advanced.

65. Thirty years of living on earth are not easy at all because it takes you several thousands of hours to get there. Happy birthday.

66. I wish you a life filled with endless passion, every day filled with endless love and an entire life blessed with peace and progress.

67. Happy thirtieth birthday to my beloved friend, may you be uplifted with passion, love and complete peace.

68. A new chapter has been opened in your life, may you find it very easy to excel better in life; happy birthday.

69. I beseech the Lord to be happy with you as you clock thirty. It is not easy to become a young old man.

70. Happy birthday to my beloved and lovely friend who stayed by my side when I needed her most. I wish you all the best.

71. To an uncommon gem that will always be remembered in my heart; I want you to know that being a thirty-year-old is not a biscuit.

72. At this point in life, we just have to begin to face reality; we are no longer babies or teens at thirty, happy birthday.

73. You can always be the change you aspire to be. I wish you a very wonderful thirtieth birthday.

74. You are special to celebrate this special day of your life as a new young old man in town. Happy birthday.

75. May you have a fantastic birthday as you are thirty today; I wish you all the best in this life and for the rest of your life.

76. May your new age comes with lots of success, peace, boundless joy, and endless prosperity; happy birthday my sweet friend.

77. Every day is a special day in the life of a prince because he meets new things and new people. I say have a wonderful birthday.

78. You are so special, lovely and beautiful. You are the most wonderful girlfriend I have ever met in my entire life. Happy birthday.

79. You are my dream come true, the one that cherishes me the way I have always wanted, I just want to say happy birthday.

80. Let me be closed to your heart. I want to whisper my genuine love into the deepest part of your empathy and say happy birthday.


30th Birthday Wishes for Best Friend from the Heart


81. Many have come and gone yet could not make it to this age, thank God you are thirty today. Happy birthday.

82. You are special and amazing as a friend. I used to be amazed by the entire sacrifice you made just to make me happy. Happy birthday.

83. If there is anything I can wish for you—I will say may the Lord bless you with everything you want in your heart. Happy birthday.

84. As you are now plus one, I wish you a life filled with lots of passion, fantastic feelings, and the most beautiful moment ever. Happy birthday.

85. I hope you will find somewhere special in your heart to feel this sincere love I have for you. I am just happy that you are plus one today.

86. Thirty years of living worth been celebrated because the protection of God has always been there without any charge. Happy birthday.

87. Since today is the special day you were born, I tagged it as a great day. Happy birthday my beloved friend.

88. This age is another opportunity to make the most of your life; it is not easy to be here up until this moment. Happy birthday.

89. We are happy that you are still alive to celebrate your birthday. I wish you the best of everything in life.

90. Wishing you a day with special happenings all through. You are so cool, sweet, and wonderful. I love you—just want to say happy birthday.

91. Now or forever I will always remember you. I will not give up upon you because I believe we are meant to be friends forever. Happy birthday.

92. I love the fact that you are thirty today—you may not like that idea but it is simply the best time to face life challenges squarely.

93. May your new age bring you tons of lovely surprise as you hope for a better life ahead! I just want to say happy birthday.

94. Happy birthday I hope you will appreciate me welcoming you to another decade of your life. I wish you long life and prosperity.

95. Enjoy this year and many other years to come as you celebrate another special year in your life. Happy thirtieth birthday.

96. Happy birthday to you and I wish you the most beautiful people ever on earth, I love you now and every time.

97. At this age, you are to be celebrated beyond the sky because you are the most beautiful woman ever. Happy birthday.

98. I can’t easily tell why I am so attached to you as my friend but I believe in something special about you. Happy birthday.

99. I hope you will take advantage of the maturity that comes with the feeling of the fact that you are now thirty. Happy birthday.

100. When I met you, something told me that you are going to be one of the best friends that life can bring. Happy birthday.

Cute 30th Birthday Wishes for Friend to Cheer Up


101. You mean a lot to me and that’s why I can’t stop thinking about you in every minute of my life. Happy thirtieth birthday.

102. Life is full of ups and downs and so when it brought you into my world everything seems to look better.

103. Happy birthday to the most wonderful friend I ever met in this life—I hope you will be fine now and forever. Happy birthday.

104. I wish you a healthy life as you clock another year today. Happy birthday my dearest friend.

105. A lovely friend like you is rare to find and with that, I will always find it easy to appreciate you. Happy birthday.

106. You are my dream comes true, a true friend that I am willing to spend the rest of my life with. Happy birthday.

107. Wishing you a magnificent love now and forever. I wish you a lovely day ahead as you enter into another chapter in life.

108. Happy birthday to my lovely friend. As you are now thirty, I am wishing you the entire beautiful things on earth.

109. Been with you is the best feeling about any friend ever. Thank God forever for meeting you in my life.

110. When I set my eyes on you, I realized that something good will always come my way. Happy birthday.

111. Wishing you a blessed birthday on this special day of your life. I will always be fine having a great friend like you.

112. Sometimes, we need people to move forward in life and God has just brought you as such a person into my life. Happy birthday.

113. You are the most beautiful friend in my life, the one that actually makes me smile whenever I set my eyes on him. Happy birthday.

114. Good friends are always there for you no matter the condition and this is my wish to always be yours forever. Happy birthday.

115. I hope you will always be the best friend I have always been with since these years. I don’t want to lose you for any reason. Happy birthday.

116. Meeting you in this life has really changed my life. It gave me more reason to want to be with you forever. Happy birthday.

117. Indeed, I thank God for bringing a wonderful person like you to my world. As you clock thirty today, I wish you all the best.

118. It is my happiness that you reach this moment in time. Happy to have you in my life, and happy birthday.

119. Been thirty means it is your time to prove to the world that you are no longer a baby boy. Happy birthday.

120. It is a great opportunity to have found a very wonderful and cute friend like you in a lifetime. Happy birthday.

Value your friends through our text messages and enjoy every bit of it in a special way that makes the real senses.

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