30+ Sweet Loving Messages For Good Night

Night time is a special moment when a passionate person needs to be loved and love. There is no other more romantic way to put smile on the face of your loved ones than composing some beautiful words that sing songs to their ears. These lovers of yours are always expecting you to make them go to bed with their heats filled with love, passion and affection.

To make such golden moment come to pass, you need the best collections of naturally composed good night messages from our site.

Enjoy the flow of love from the river where it finds it source!

  1. The night is delayed than any other time when you dream of a charming queen. A day becomes more interesting and longer than any other time when you work to make your dreams come true. Good night my love!
  2. Open your eyes and see that the sky is infinite, full of stars and shining moon. The sky tells you the story of love and passion. When the stars twinkle it means the heaven smiles at you.
  3. Dear angel I want you to sleep peacefully because I know your love will bring the sweetest dream and keep out the bad dreams.” Good night dear!
  4. The full moon smiles at you, shines its glorious light just for you alone and bright tonight hanging on a high point of the universe to say ‘I love you, good night!
  5. This part of the world is now dark and silent because it is time to sleep. At this moment, I suggest that you should think of the sweet memories we have shared together. You know I love and adore you very much. I want to say Good night my baby!
  6. A stressful day lets you put a break to all the work of this life and finally sleep tight at night like a baby!” A beautiful night smile nourishes your health than any drug you can think about.
  7. This night is designed for you to overcome every hardship you might have come across in the day knowing that tomorrow is a new day to achieve your new goals. The princess of my life may your new age be blessed with all your heart desires.
  8. Sleep reliefs you from a pain of a difficult day so you may start a new day with all the energy, love and excitement to fulfill your dreams.”
  9. “Let your mind commune your subconscious. Your dreams will be endowed with the beautiful castles your mind creates.” Good night dear!
  10. Go to sleep with the assurance that your thoughts will be on my mind through the night, and your beautiful voice will wake me up from the world of imagination to brighten up my day. Good night!

Romantic Good Night Love Messages

  1. It is like the pearls that shine in the night, like the sun fly entertaining the beholder with its beautiful green light that pleases the eyes of love. May your night be full of coolness and calmness, have sweet dream dear.
  2. Every second of my thoughts comes with you in my heart, the love I have for you is shiner than the radiant from the sun. I have come to love you more than your thinking may comprehend. Have a sweet night passion.
  3. The moon moves in its course bringing smile to the face, the stars are shining to show you how much they love you. Every living thing is cool with you because you are the most beautiful princess ever. Good night!
  4. You may be cold at night yet the smiling stars shower you with much love to calm you down and warm you up. If sleep refused to come to you, then you are free to live in my heart.
  5. Lovely dreams will be dreamed tonight by you because the jewel falling from your eyes sings a lot of passionate songs to my heart. I can’t hear anyone again but the dove like sound of your chocolate voice. Good night.
  6. Today may seem too tough in the race of life but no matter how far a golden palace may be, the energetic passion and diamond love you possess will lead you to your destination. Dear love, be motivated and aspire for the morning sun to shine its glory upon you.
  7. In the ocean of love where every creature was love, I found you to be the most desired angel. The passion light that comes from your cute eyes makes my heart beat faster. Good night my love!
  8. You are the affection itself because it is always interesting been beside you. The night has come greeting you in the coolest voice, whispering love and evergreen affections into your lovely ears. Good night!
  9. The thoughts of the future champions over flow from the mind of the super stars, whenever you are about going to sleep, think of yourself as a great leader achieving success in life.
  10. To the love in my eyes, the songs that reaches my heart from the echo of your passionate love for me, gives me more strength to be productive in my daily life, I am so lucky that I found a treasure like you in my life. Good night!

Best  Good Night Love Messages Ever

  1. Your cool headed attitude is a basket of love pouring its contents on my innocent heart; I am so pleased with myself having found you as a gem that sparks up the charges of my smile. I hope you will have a sweet dream?
  2. Satisfaction starts when you close your eyes and dream of the stars and the moon dancing around you, singing a love song that brings tears of passion to the eyes. Good night baby!
  3. The day has been covered with a dark light to bring peace to your heart- the hour hand of the clock is reminding you of a bright day to accomplish your already set goals. Be strong and have a lovely night sleep!
  4. Beautiful dreams smile at you only if you open your heart to the air of love. When the wind is too much, trees may fall off the forest, when the wave is too high, it may cause a tsunami but when you shower me with an endless love, my heart never cease to appreciate it. Good night.
  5. Tomorrow brings a whole ocean of love filled with passion, joy, affection and every good thing of life which your heart may desire. Just want to say good night!
  6. Do not let the burning desire to achieve success in life quench in your heart, no matter how difficult the day may be, hide yourself in the heavenly dark cover prepared for you so you may find a peaceful night dream.
  7. Having you in my thoughts every night gives me aspiration about a good day ahead. I have come to realize how much you have sacrificed your time to shower me rains of love. I will love you until the end of time.
  8. A flower of love grows in my heart. A flower watered by your endless affection and kindness to me. I pray that the Lord of the night bring all good thing of life to you. Have a sweet dream my love!
  9. Love is a life that inspires another two live to do great things together. It is the smile I always find on your face, the bight shell I cherish most in your voice. Everything about you gives me joy. You are a treasure, good night!
  10. In the land of passion where love flows like the pacific -ocean, you are the most beautiful fish that swims the most. In the rain of love, you are the most blessed droplet that lands on my head. You are me and I am you, forever we shall live together. Have a sweet dream!

Best Good Night Messages Ever

  1. Night is a sweet cake to be eaten with passion, the moon is a smiling lamp that speaks every words of lasting affection and smile is a result of a fulfilled day hustle. Have a great night rest.
  2. The darkness that comes with the night brings along it many glories. In it you find the stars smiling at you, the moon sing for you and the entire solar system dancing to tune of your heart desires.
  3. With the peace of the heart rest tonight. With the cool breeze that emanates from the heart of love, smile tonight. With the flower of passion that is planted in your mind, have a sweet dream.
  4. For the passion that is blended in the night, accept my smile. For the adoration attached to your beauty, take my appreciation. Loving you is a life time gift, so have a nice night.
  5. The walking night comes to you to render his gratitude for a well spent day. May your life be endowed and blended in every success in life. Good night my love.
  6. You have become an adorable angel worthy of been loved with all my heart. Your smile is a sun that brightens up my day. I am so lucky that you are part of me. Have a sweet dream!
  7. This silent night whispers love to your heart, a feeling of passion for the accomplishment of a daily goal. The night has come with lots of blessings- so be part of it!
  8. The one truly made for me, a diamond treasure I adore with all my heart. I want you to understand that I love you so much. If you look up to the sky, you will find me among the stars smiling at you. Good night my love.
  9. With you in my heart, every night rain becomes a cool sleep that takes me to a palace built of love. You are a wonderful lover and I will live to appreciate you forever. Good night!
  10. Having a wonderful night dream is an interest that comes with passion. We find night peace in our heart only when our mind is opened to the ones we love. You are an angel of my life. Good night!

Good Night Wishes For Lovers

  1. The coolness of the night is a passionate treasure, the love that comes from your pot of affection brings smile to my face.
  2. In the garden of love, you are the most beautiful grass. In the palace of passion, you are the prettiest princess. In the land of compassion,you are the most adorable queen. Good night I love you!
  3. The dark sky has its beautiful lamps it presents to you. Every blessed night is prepared to put smile on your face because you are always in my thoughts.
  4. You and I have come a long way in the journey of love. All the tears we shed, all the pains and joy we shared cannot go in vain. I want you to understand that you mean the world to me. Good night my baby!
  5. Lovely day is achieved only when the previous night was filled with love. I send my passion to you my dear love. Do have a night full of compassion.
  6. Living with a heart that understands the language love speaks is a wonderful experience someone can have. Your day and night are always filled with passion. Nice dream!
  7. I am comfortable not because I am successful but for the reality that I found a peace like you in my life. I am sending you a good night chocolate to warm your heart!
  8. My desired future  I cherish you so much that I pray this night be cool with you. Night comes with lots of treasure, may all be dropped at your door steps.
  9. As the star appears, As the moon runs its courses, as the sun shines to bring joy to our face so your love gives me passion and affection to my heart.
  10. Love is wonderful when it involves you. You are part of the reasons why I smile everyday. Loving you lights up my heart and gives me more hope in life. Good night!

Romantic good night messages are so wonderful that they help strengthens the bond of love between two lovers. You can always count on us for more beautiful good night messages that pleased the heart.

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